Quarterly Email - February 2023

8 February 2023

Otago Family Chiropractor

Quick recap of Xmas

We finished off 2022 up in Whangarei with a collaboration of both Dr. Chad’s and Dr. Aidan’s families. It was a wonderful time but the work didn’t stop for our Chiropractors as family reunions usually involve members sheepishly mentioning, “hey you couldn’t just have a look at…?” As you can see above, here is Chad checking one of the Mahoney clan Christmas morning. After a week with the two families, the team headed back to Otago to explore further with Aidan’s family. They were absolutely blown away by how beautiful it is down here.  We told them this is New Zealand’s best kept secret for a reason.  One of the highlights for Aidan’s folks was seeing the albatross out on the peninsula, we had picked the day just right and saw 4 flying about the colony.

The changes so far

New Website, Who this? 

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to develop a new website that makes it easier for new and existing patients to find what they need. We will be updating this further throughout the year with education and tips to help you on your health journey.
Online Booking for ‘Regular Adjustments’ 
We love all the work that Michelle does especially keeping our lives and schedules on track. That being said, we do have to give her a break from time to time. We have now made ‘regular visits’ available to book online incase something happens over the weekend or you have that midnight “Ooh I need the chiro!”
If you wish to make a booking online click the link below or head to our website. Just ensure your name and email is spelled exactly the same as how you filled out your intake form.
New Practice Opening
The much anticipated Balclutha clinic is set to open on February 14th 2023. The practice is located inside Mask Beauty and Hair located 14G James Street, Balclutha 9230
Dr. Aidan will available Tuesday and Thursday 2-6pm.
You can book online for a regular adjustments and new patients or alternatively you can call us on 021 040 3626 and Michelle will find a time for you.
More info will be coming out separately in the next few days

What’s Happening For The Year Ahead

Still to come in our new quarterly email.

  • Chad and Aidan are off to a pregnancy seminar in April. They are looking forward to gaining more knowledge and new skills so they can provide the best quality of care for our Otago Community.
  • They will be back at the monthly Wingatui Markets as well as other one off markets to promote and talk with the community about spinal health.
  • Dr. Chad is aiming to connect with more businesses to provide a free information talk about spinal health and what can be done in the work place to make it better for everyone.
  • More positive changes to OFC - we can’t say much yet but you will be excited when they happen... 

What’s New with Research?

Could Sustained Calf Pushups reduce your risk of Sitting?
Research has shown that sitting for more than 3 hours a day can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes by 40% even if you do exercise daily. When we sit for periods longer than an hour the electrical activity to our leg muscles begin to shut off and our metabolism drops to burning only 1 calorie per hour. This in turn means our blood glucose levels remain high and chronicity of this is what may cause CVD and diabetes.
A podcast recently put out by Dr. Andrew Hubberman a PDH neuroscientist. Explained how sustained calf raises while sitting at your desk can help to dramatically lower risk of sedentary disease such as diabetes. The study reported that sustaining calf raises over a period of 4 hours while sitting burned on average 91 cal/h effectively reducing their systemic blood glucose levels.